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If you require a surveillance system that can both operate independently and/or integrate with an existing security network; a mobile system that can be rapidly deployed in any or all of these circumstances could be the way to go. The Mobile Surviellance Unit (MSU) meets your mobile and temporary surveillance needs and is a complete, self-contained monitoring system.

Our Mobile Surveillance Systems can be rapidly deployed to even the most remote locations for around-the-clock protection. After installation, our team of trained technicians will work closely with your project management team to maintain optimum placement as your project matures.

Please call our office to schedule your free consultation regarding MSU rentals/ leasing plans.

*State Of the Art
Mobile surveillance systems that can be relocated around a site as the project progresses.

Digital Recording
Up to 30 fps with recording capacity of several weeks.

Always On
Motion activated recording 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

High Resolution Infrared Cameras
High quality video in zero light conditions and color imagery during daylight hours.

Surveillance units can be configured with License Plate cameras, Video Verified Alarm Systems, , perimeter alarm systems, Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, progression cameras, WIFI, Cell Network, Mesh Networking and other accessories as requested by customer.

Rapidly Deployable
Can be installed or relocated very quickly to accommodate changing site conditions.

Excellent Deterrent
Crime is deterred on site by 80%-90%once an MSU is installed


  • *Protect vacant homes/lots
  • *protect parking areas
  • *protect large temporary venues like concerts, carnivals, sporting events and more!
  • *protect your fumigated or tented home from break-ins
  • *protect your home while away on vacation
  • *surveillance trial period
  • *protect a construction site
  • *any temporary or long tem needs

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